As-Selamu Aleykum!

We are Tahira Bricks and have made our vision to promote the playful development of our children with reference to our faith – Islam.

In a sense, playing is the main job of every child. Children learn and process “playfully” what is significant in their life. The child develops all skills, all emotions, all life and learning in play. It is therefore important to use educational toys for this. Our toys promote fine motor development, creativity and spatial awareness in children. We consistently pay attention to the safety of the children and therefore only use non-toxic material.

We strive for the highest quality, which we strictly monitor through recognized certifications. It is designed and developed exclusively in Germany.


We guarantee the safety of our products through strict certification.

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Our children and learning our religion

Learn playfully

The greatest and most important gift from Allah to us are our children. The influence of the family environment on the children in our care is of great importance for their physical and mental development. This also includes the selection of toys.


In line with our principles, every Tahira Bricks © Kaaba comes with an OEKO-TEX®-certified drawstring bag free of charge.

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